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Mobile Construction Waste Crushing Plant

When the renewable resources production plant of construction waste designed by Shanghai shunky machinery co., ltd works, the construction garbage is devoured by crusher and will be changed to recycle building materials and engineering aggregate.

The mobile construction waste crushing plant is a series of rock and construction waste crushing equipment researched and promoted by Shunky independently. It expands the coarse crushing and fine crushing working concept field. Its design philosophy is standing on the position of customers taking elimination the obstacles of crushing site, environment, complicated basic configuration and complex logistics in the crushing working brought by customers as the primary solution case.  It is in conformity with the new concept principle of “on-the-spot disposal” and provides simple, highly effective and low cost project operation hardware facility. According to different crushing crafts’ requirement, it requires “Crush at first and then screen” and constitutes the procedure of “Screen at first then crush”. The crushing plant can assemble coarse crushing and fine crushing two stages of screening systems according to practical demands. It can also assemble coarse, medium and fine three stages of screen systems with very high flexibility.

According to the data indication of incomplete statistics, people has billions of billions tons yield of construction waste in the life and production. In the middle, most solid materials are crushed and processed in various levels through the processing equipment of construction waste then recycled to get our required aggregate.

Then how to process the construction waste and recycle to be aggregate? In fact, crushing and abrasion are two key parts. But those two parts are the process with the highest energy consumption as well. Therefore, its consumption constitutes the main part of processing and production cost for whole construction waste. Hence the choosing of construction waste’s crusher is very important and its energy consumption occupies over 60% of whole production line. The production line of processing construction waste can collect, transport, handle and recycle the construction waste for integrative operation to realize the recycled rate of construction waste’s data of over 95%. Shanghai shunky absorbs overseas advanced waste processing crafts actively and then prolongs the recycled industry chain of construction waste to save the resources after self-research. 

How to process the construction waste and recycle it to be aggregate? Shanghai shunky produces production line with recycle skill of construction materials of processing over 5 millions tons recycled construction waste. The production line of processing construction waste promotes the construction waste in China to realize the virtuous circle of recycling construction waste to be construction materials.
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