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Mobile Crushing Plant Guides the Development Trend of Crushing Industry in China

Mobile crushing and screening plant of Shanghai shunky have a complete range of articles and specifications of serialization. There are wide options for mobile crushing and screening plant. It is flexible in the using process and is able to satisfy the requirement of customers in many ways.

The mining machinery’s technological level lags behind and develops slowly in our country. In recent years, along with the increasing requirement and the promotion of expanding the domestic demand of financial crisis, the country accelerates the force of research and development automatically with order of developing stone and mining machinery rapidly. Shanghai shunky catches the opportunity to innovate continuously and research to create the first class mobile crushing plant in the world on the basis of fixed crusher and make the mobile crushing plant become the new equipment of ores’ crushing industry. 

The successful research of mobile crushing plant from Shanghai Shunky puts forward the trend of digital, parallel, integrated and knowledgeable development of mining machinery product. Among them, figure has become the core technology of realizing rapid and innovative development. The improvement of information technology promotes unmanned mining technology develops from the automatic mining or remote controlled mining by taking the traditional mining technology and automation as core to “unmanned mine” of taking advanced sensor, inspection and monitoring system, smart mining equipment, high-speed digital communication network and new type mining technology process etc integration. 

Mobile crushing plant can assist mining, building, highway, railway and water conservancy etc industries to finish the crushing and screening operation at a time to produce the required particles’ size of materials and output by the users. The mobile crushing plant includes primary crushing plant and secondary crushing and screening plant and belt conveyor etc. The crushing plant in each level is all an independent working unit and finishes the different duties it taken separately. The belt conveyor is responsible for the materials’ transmission and stacking among each crushing. 
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