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Shanghai Shunky Construction Waste Crushing Plant Serves for the Recycled Building Materials
Since the reform, China gains remarkable achievement in economy, science and education, culture and politics many fields. To construct well-to-do society and realize the modernization comprehensively, China is implementing the third step strategy. To satisfy the security of country and demands of people for housing and traffic etc parts, China need to build abundant water conservancy and hydropower, expressway, hospital and school etc communal facilities.

The engineering construction of huge quantity needs abundant building materials and makes constantly consume the resources of building materials with increasingly rising prices. Moreover, urban and rural transform and engineering construction will generate abundant construction waste. That construction waste occupies decreasing space day and day and harms our survival environment. We are in urgent need of equipment to propose a recycled construction waste to utilize reasonably and solve the crisis of construction and environment. Shanghai shunky construction waste crushing plant appears accordingly.

Shanghai shunky dedicates to research and production of mineral machinery. The mobile crushing plant of construction waste is one of featured products in our company. We will take efforts to explore, improve constantly and optimize the product to serve for the modernization construction in China and improve the living environment of people.

Shanghai shunky construction waste crushing plant has compact structure and advanced technology. It integrates various feeding materials, crushing, transportation and screen equipment together to form a set of integrated construction waste disposal and recycled production line. It overcomes the shortcoming of several equipments, separate installation and inconvenient movement to fit for the requirements in various parts in current large scale construction and urban and rural construction waste’s proposal.
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