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The Performance Characteristics of Building Wastes Mobile Crushing Plant
1: Integrated Equipment
Building wastes mobile crushing plant takes the working way of integrated group, which eliminates the complex site infrastructure of fission components and installation work of auxiliary facilities and reduces the materials and working times’ consumption. The reasonable and terse space layout of unit optimizes the residential space of facility layout on the site to the maximum extent. The convenient and terse facility layout expands the stacking of materials and space of transmission.

2: Good Mobility
The building wastes  mobile crushing plant is built on the movable trailer frame. The normal light truck trailer can be trailed and moved with flexible and convenient transportation. It can be used and leave at any time to enter the removal and construction site for the crushing work of building waste. After the finishing of crushing work, it can be driven to another removal site for the processing work.

3: Reduce the cost.
The rubber-tire series mobile crushing plant crushes the materials in the first line on the spot with the materials’ principal of “approach disposal” to avoid the intermediate link of re-crushing and disposing after the leaving of materials from the site to reduce the transportation charge of materials extremely. And the building wastes’ crushing station has the function of automatic separation, which can dispose the wasted rebar, wasted scrap iron wire, wasted electric wire and wasted wood etc to save the manual separation and classified cost more.

4: Good economy efficiency
Mobile building wastes crushing plant has small covered area, flexible site, fixed facility and land and low investing cost of infrastructure etc characteristics.

5: Working effect is direct and effective
The building wastes mobile crushing plant can be used independently, which can aim at the materials type and product requirement from the customers in the procedure to supply flexible technological plan allocation to satisfy the mobile crushing and mobile screening etc various requirement of users for the generated organization and logistics transferring more direct and effective and reduce the cost maximally.

6: Well-adapted and flexible allocation 
The mobile crushing plant offers customers assembled unit allocation with characteristics of simple and low cost. In allusion to the coarse and fine crushing and screening system, it can be of single unit but all raiders to work independently. It can also constitute the system allocation unit for integration process flexibly. The sideward hopper offers the screening materials’ transmission mode various and flexible allocations. In the integrated unit allocation, the diesel generator not only supplies the power for this unit but also offers the power for the flow system allocated unit.  

7: Reliable performance and convenient maintenance
The mobile crushing plant’s cone crusher has high crushing efficiency, multiple versatility and excellent crushing product quality with light, handy and reasonable structural design and excellent crushing performance. The reliable and stable quality guarantee can satisfy the coarse, medium and small materials’ crushing and screening requirement to the maximum extent. The solid wastes in the building wastes can be acted as recycled resources for re-utilization after the automatic separation, crushing and classification of mobile crushing plant.
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