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The Encumbrance Process of Urban Development –Construction Waste Crushing

How to reasonably and efficiently make construction waste processing has become an important topic. As the saying goes “seeing another better than oneself, one tries to equal him” When we face the new problems, we might as well go to study how to carry out the construction waste processing in other countries, and then conclude the most reasonable solution according to the actual situation in China.

The guidelines for the processing of construction waste is: don’t expel the construction waste from the construction site as much as possible; construction waste reuses as much as possible; deal with the construction waste appropriately for reusing with difficulties. Due to the lack of natural resources in Japan, the Japanese use natural resources especially fully to make every possibility to use the natural resources fully.

To earn competitiveness in light aggregate concrete brick, the industry must accelerate its consolidation. You might as well choose cooperation with power enterprise to use their "shell" to ascent fame for the products. In addition, the government should guide as model using the recycled products in government investment projects. At present, China's cities and areas have no correct guidance for construction waste crushing and reusing, resulting in insufficient recognition of local governments, enterprises or individuals who are engaged in the construction waste crushing and reusing can't see the benefits. Therefore, it hinders the development of construction waste crushing and reusing without profits.

Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of various kinds of construction waste crushing machines.
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