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Building Wastes Mobile Crushing Plant Contributes to the Realizing of Resources’ Cyclic Utilization

Since 1990s, the cyclic utilization of building waste is always the invariable topic. Along with the large scale urbanization construction, the building waste is expanding continuously. The huddling, toppling and polluting road etc phenomenon are very serious. Our country takes filling as primary disposal way of building waste. Most building wastes are transported to suburb or villages directly without any disposal. Besides minor cities, most cities are set of specific building wastes’ filling site. This kind of simple filling consumes abundant land resources and causes serious environmental pollution. Therefore, in recent years, the country also gives high concentration for the building wastes, strongly support the recycling and reusing of building wastes to offer encourage and support for the building wastes disposal equipments manufacturers.

Currently, our country aims at the resourceful treatment mode of building wastes. It is mainly the separation of building waste to crush the bricks and concrete etc in the middle to be recycled aggregate and recycle of metal and woods. The recycle of building wastes contains huge economic value and the transformation of this value is the building wastes mobile crushing plant.

The complete mobile building wastes disposal equipment (mobile crushing plant) produced by Shanghai shunky machinery co., ltd can crush the concrete and macadam in the building wastes into fine aggregate. After the adding of few cement and coal ash, it can be made to baking-free brick, water permeable brick and color bricks etc recycled building materials with environmental protection through the building waste brick making machine.

Shanghai shunky crushing production line takes building wastes as materials with energy conservation, consumption reduction and emission reduction as design guide thought. On the basis of taking oversea advanced technology as example, research the first building waste disposal production line with environmental protection and energy conservation in China. Mobile crushing plant of building waste integrates building wastes’ materials’ receiving, crushing, transmission, disposing and reprocessing etc technological equipment. The feeding machine, building wastes’ dedicated crusher, belt conveyor, screening equipment and building wastes’ brick making machine etc equipments constitute a set of building wastes’ disposal production line.

Mobile crushing plant owns reasonably matched crushing equipments in different levels; smooth discharging in the whole procedure, reliable operation, convenient operation and high effect and energy conservation characteristics. It has especially good mobility and can crush the building waste on the spot. It can also be moved or extended along with the materials site or construction plant. It realizes the disposal of building wastes to the maximum degree and changes the building waste to be renewable resources through the reutilization.

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