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The Integration of the Crusher - Crawler Mobile Crushing Plant

Modern mobile crushing plant is mainly divided into two kinds: rubber-type mobile crushing plant and tracked mobile crushing plant. Rubber-type mobile crushing plant is the most common mobile crushing plant. Due to its simple structure a more durable and convenient to use, and low cost, thus is widely selected by the users. However, rubber-type mobile crushing plant has its own drawbacks, such as the need to build a separate belt and more troublesome to transport.

Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd. sums the disadvantages of wheeled mobile crushing plant according to many years engaging in mine crushing with mobile crushing plant research and development and production experience, which invents the crawler mobile crushing plant. Crawler mobile crushing plant is integrated by the materials feeding, crushing and transportation with advanced design, excellent performance and high production efficiency. Compared with various fixed crushing plant, mobile crushing plant is like a small and medium crushing processing plant, with its working efficiency and operating costs being better than at the same level or higher level of fixed crushing plant. Crawler mobile crushing plant is widely used in many fields: construction waste crushing, rocks, minerals, and the blocking the path of the old asphalt concrete materials of crushing with random force group – the optimization design. Crawler mobile crushing plant can be divided into three series - cone style crawler mobile crusher plant, jaw crawler mobile crusher plant and back breaking crawler mobile crusher plant. 

Shanghai Shunky is specializing in the production of various types of mobile crushing plants, whose professional technology and high-end research and development team result in professional machines.
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