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Outlook on Future Application Prospect of Domestic Mobile Crushing Plants

Mobile crushing plants have had wide application overseas. Owing to domestic economy development and weak awareness on environmental protection and resource recycling, the application of such equipment in our country is slower than that in foreign countries. However, with the development of domestic industrial economy and the intensity of people’s environmental protection awareness, such equipment has been gradually applied in our country during recent years. 

According to the investigation of relative departments, in the large and middle-sized cities in our country, mobile crushing plants have had more popular application. Such advanced equipment is used in many placed to make optimal treatment to various garbage. The heavy metal environment pollution is prevented to the largest extent. The costs of garbage treatment are reduced; many departments have been fully aware of their advantages and make full use of them. However, in some small cities, owing to the weak awareness on environmental protection, the people there dispose of the garbage in a traditional way. They gather a large sum of garbage to handle simply, even burn them down. Those recycled resources such as heavy metal, woods and bricks etc lose recycled value, even become the largest source of environmental pollution. These realistic conditions tell us that we shoulder heavy responsibilities for the popularity and application of mobile crushing plants. 

However, we believe that experts say that, in the near future, with the progress of domestic urbanization construction, department concerned will popularize how to dispose of garbage in a scientific and high efficiency way. The application prospect of mobile crushing plant is bright. 
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