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Properly Recycled Rubbish is Treasure

In our traditional opinions, rubbishes are useless. But it’s not that case. With the development of the times and scientific progress, people gradually find that 90% of rubbish can be turned into treasure as long as they are extracted and recycled properly. Among the household garbage in cities, what kind of garbage can be recycled? Mobile crushing plant manufacturers summarize as follows:

In the first place, many construction wastes can be recycled such as valueless abandoned rebar, waste wires and other metal wastes etc. These construction wastes can be reutilized completely after classified, sorted and re-disposed by mobile crushing plants. They also can be made into metal steels with different specifications conforming to production requirements. If these wastes are directly abandoned or landfilled, our land will be polluted and it’s a waste to our resources.

Secondly, some abandoned woods etc can be made into furniture after recycling, and artificial timber in building materials. Experts expressed that the furniture made by the waste timbers has no difference with the new products in performance and property. In addition, some abandoned bricks and concrete etc can be made into bricks after classified by mobile crushing plants. They can be used for laying the roads or serve as other building materials.

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