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Construction Waste Crushing Plants Have Coups in Handling Concrete
Urban development impossibly only leaves beautiful side to the public. Any thing may generate negative influence. The rubbish disposal of urban construction derives from that. A large number of materials such as muck, concrete block and waste bricks etc are generated in urban development and extension, transformation of countryside, and the removal and reconstruction of villages in the cities. These wastes can’t be disposed of in the past, but it’s different as of the appearance of construction waste crushing plant

Soil blocks and masonry could be disposed of in the past, they were crushed after put into crushers. It’s hard to dispose of reinforced concrete. The concrete is mainly handled by construction waste crushing plant through magnet separator. The rebar is sucked out by strong force to achieve the purpose of separating from the rebar inside. After the rebar is separated, they are taken out from crushers, gathered and then be recycled. Concrete is handled according to different specifications. The equipment can divide concrete into 40cm specifications; they can serve as building aggregates. In case of specifications below 40cm, they need to be classified again by vibrating sieve into different specifications so as to be recycled. Aggregates with above 40cm should be crushed again to achieve utilization purpose. 

The soil blocks and bricks separated from concrete by construction waste crushing plants can serve as construction materials again. The costs of site construction are reduced. The rebar is not necessarily smashed out by labors who are employed, and the waste sand is not carried by transport vehicles. 

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