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Shanghai Shunky Mobile Crushing Plant
Along with the development of market, the single fixed crushing equipment can far satisfy the demand of market. The mobile crushing plant has become the orientation of market. Although the domestic mobile crushing plant starts late, it has strong basis. The production of mobile crushing plant has reached the position of production in pipeline.

The mobile crushing plant has superior flexibility and adaptability of working site. It does not need the required various preparations without the need of fixed crushing plant before the installation. It can finish the plant adjusting in short time to enter the working situation at any time. In this case, it can reduce the operation of materials and be convenient for the coordination of all auxiliary machinery equipment. Through the hydraulic machinery manipulation, it can drive the crusher to the trailer easily and transport it to the working site. It can allocate the vehicle-type generator set and control box for the distant regions without power-up system.

The mobile crushing plant from Shanghai shunky adopts vehicle-type base plate. In the design, the width of vehicle base plate is smaller than the operating semitrailer. When it makes a turn, its radius is small so it is very convenient for the driving on normal roads. It is more suitable for the stones site and mineral sites with bad situation and benefit for the overseas highway and railway and mineral exploitation, stones’ crushing etc construction engineering. The mobile crusher of coarse crushing is equipped with jaw crusher and highly efficient crushing mainly with multiple functions and superior crushing product quality and flexible and reasonable structural design and excellent crushing performance. The mobile crushing plant with coarse crushing function can crush stones in the first level to reduce the middle link of stones’ crushing greatly and reach the purpose of adjusting the plant casually in the working. It insures that the equipments’ feeding and discharging can be located in the best economic position to reduce the investment of equipments and reduce the cost of equipments.
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