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Dispose of Rubbish Correctly, Intensify Environmental Protection Recycling
How to dispose of rubbish? In our daily life, we get used to throwing all wastes in the trash can, leaving to cleaners.  Where will the wastes be carried by environmental sanitation department. How to dispose of them? I’m afraid only few people know it well. The waste treatment in our country ever experienced from improper treatment to scientific treatment. During the course, we see the beneficial factors of mobile crushing plants.  

Our country ever made a mistake in the environmental protection and waste recycling. A great number of rubbishes are fired without classification or landfilling, leading to the waste of numerous recycled resources. Irreparable environment pollution is caused.  With the development of the times and intensified environment protection awareness, and the invention and extensive application of mobile crushing plants, our country begins the journey to proper environment protection. Experts expressed that most of rubbishes can be recycled. According to the statistics, the spare parts of 800 in 1000 bikes are reprocessed by the waste irons. And some abandoned papers and books are the important raw materials in paper making. If such rubbishes can be classified by recycled equipment, it’s a meaning thing good for generation after generation. 

To sum up, choosing advanced rubbish mobile crushing plants and making scientific and environment-friendly treatment to rubbish is not only helpful to improve environment, but has a long meaning in saving resources. 

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