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The Mobile Crushing Plant Becomes the Essential Equipment with Its Perfect Features
Shanghai Shunky developed a new mobile crushing plant with many good features, such as: change three crushing stages into the one stage crushing, which simplifies the flowchart of the complete plant. The shape is cubic; the attached machine has low power and the electric consumption is low, energy saving and easy to maintenance, the operation is steady and low operation cost. Meanwhile, shunky mobile crushing plant adopts the unique design to separate the steel and iron in the construction waste. With this design, Shunky mobile crushing plant become the most advanced equipment in China.
In present,  mobile crushing plant becomes the core equipment to handle the construction waste. Shanghai Shunky equipment is a set of highly integrated crusher. It is modular technology with the feeding, transhipment, coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing and screening,etc. In the aspects of recycle, the mobile crushing plant becomes an effective handle machine. It can make the waste become the precious. And all of the crushed stone and sand can be used in many industries.    
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