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Mobile Crushing Plant Brings More Profits for Customers
Stone crusher has fixed type and mobile type. It was developed in western country firstly and brought to China in last century. From the 1980s, stone crusher has experienced rapid development in China and was more and more widely used. Mobile crushing plant is a new product, of which use changes the traditional stone crushing and mining. According to the research, the use of mobile crushing plant can decrease the transport costs by 30% and improve the working condition of working site.

Shanghai Shunky was the first to launch mobile crushing plant in China. The mobile crushing plant made by shunky is mainly used in mining, cement, construction and construction waste handing industries. The mining of ore has opencast working and underground mining. At present, the mobile type is limited in underground mining. The efficiency and automation of mobile type is higher than fixed type, which can help reduce the labor costs and production costs.

As the development of economy, the machinery industry develops rapidly, too. Shanghai Shunky promises that we will try our best to optimize the design of mobile crushing plant and provide products with high quality for customers.
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