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The Troubles and the Edge Tool of Solving the Problems - Mobile Crushing Plant (3)
That construction waste mobile crushing plant equipment generally consists of the following several parts: mobile trailer, as a carrier of the crushing and screening equipment, has the effect of supporting and moving. Secondly, a simple bin built by steel board is used as the entrance of entering the crushing and screening equipment, and the temporary storage of materials. Of course, the material entering the vibrating feeder needs evenly feeding of vibrating feeder.
The customers of the followed period can choose and design in a customized way according to their actual production demand. Generally it is equipped with impact crusher and cone crusher. Of course, it is only vibrating screen can classify the crushing materials. Then, the materials are sent out to be piled up by belt conveyor according to their grade. The materials of different particle sizes can be reused according to their respective characteristics.
The point of resources recycling is not how practical the renewable resources are or how high the performance of renewable resources is. Instead, the most important thing is that the recycled resources can effectively solve the environmental pollution and reduce the influence of construction waste.
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