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The Trouble and the Edge Tool to Solve the Problems— Mobile Crushing Plant (2)
When wind blows, the construction waste and the piled concrete waste will float in the air with the dust, which makes the atmosphere of the city not clean. And it also brings big troubles to people’s traveling and people’s health. Besides, it also increases the risk of respiratory disease, which has seriously affected the people's normal life.
In the rain season, the sewage pipes near the piled construction waste and sewage are usually blocked by the waste, which causes the deep around and brings a lot of problems to people's lives.
The birth of the methods follows the happening of the problems. Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co., Ltd is committed to the research and development, production and sale of all kinds of mobile screening equipment dealing with construction waste. Focusing on the existing problems about city construction waste, Shunky has designed and developed the most advanced and specific mobile crushing and screening equipment for the construction waste.
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