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Mobile Crushing Plant Promotes Recycling of Construction Waste
Now construction waste and slag waste accumulation problem is very serious. In Chinese urban area, the recycling of waste resources has been put on the agenda and recognized by various industries. Mobile crushing plant will contribute a lot for waste resource utilization.
Take cement industry as example, at present, the use of carbide slag cement industry, iron and steel slag, construction waste, blast furnace slag and other industrial waste slag cement production is popular. Construction waste is able to be made into brick by crushing plant, so reutilization of domestic waste reached a climax. As one of the essential part, the crushing equipment especially mobile crushing plant plays a significant role in waste recycling. In fact, the use of industrial waste resources to develop recycling economy help companies find new chance and adjust the industrial structure. It helps them convert from the high energy consumption and high pollution of traditional industries to clean and efficient modern industry.
Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co.,Ltd mobile crushing plant is remarkable in construction waste crushing and effectively promoting the re-use of urban construction waste.
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