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Mobile Crushing Plant Is More Applied in Construction Waste Treatment
The application scope of mobile crushing plant is very broad. From current crushing market, its application in the processing of construction waste is increasing. With the constant rise of grass-roots construction, national pace of building new rural is becoming faster. And the demand of the mobile crushing station is also increasing.
According to what we have known, the amount of construction waste in our country accounts for 29% to 41% of the city garbage, which is amazing. And the way to deal with the hundreds of millions of construction waste treatment is usually to pile it up at random or direct landfill it. Compared with traditional way of handling the waste, to recycle construction waste is more efficient and environmentally friendly. First, although our country is rich in land resource, China's is overpopulated. And this kind of way wastes a great deal of land resources. Secondly, construction waste after a long period of wind and rain, dusts float in the air, destroy the ecological environment and endanger people's health. Some chemical substances in construction waste are difficult to decompose if it is not dealt with by construction waste plant. And if it is buried underground for a long time, shallow overburden and the underground water may be severely polluted. Moreover, construction wastes can be regarded as renewable resources. For this reason, the method of burying the waste undoubtedly causes greater waste.
Mobile crushing plant can separate concrete and steel in the construction waste. It also can produce construction materials of different specifications. In this way, it cannot only save resources but also can reduce the construction waste pollution to the environment.
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