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The Structure of Mobile Crushing Plant and the Methods and Requirements in Production
Mobile crushing plant, as a new crushing and screening equipment, is increasingly becoming the primary choice of crushing and screening program. The so-called mobile crushing plant can be divided into different types and each type is equipped with different models.
Mobile crushing plant is flexible in moving, simple and convenient in using aspect. It can be used in various crushing and screening sites. For mobile crushing station, it doesn't need the base, because the device is installed on the steel frame which has certain fixed effect. This device has been fixed in structure in accordance with science, which makes it meet the needs of production.
General mobile crushing station is made up of two mobile trailers. In the process of installation, the trailers usually form a 90 - degree angle. Before leaving the factory, the belt conveyor in the mobile crushing station has been fixed to the mobile crushing station. Outside the machine, it may need to equip two belt conveyors to cooperate with it. And it also can equip according to customer requirements so as to constitute the basic requirements of mobile crushing plant.
Mobility of mobile crushing plant is the main reason attracting many customers to choose it. This feature allows the customer to move the machine according to the production situation, and only a car can finish the work which avoids the customer's worries brought by traditional fixed equipment and has the very big economic benefits.
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