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Shanghai Shunky Mobile Crushing Plants Get Together, Showing the Excellences
Mobile crushing plant is divided into rubber-tyred mobile crushing station and crawler mobile crushing station, among which Shanghai Shunky  mainly sells impact jaw crusher plant, mobile impact crusher plant, mobile cone crusher plant, screening mobile crushing plant, and construction waste plant. Today we are going to get together the mobile crushing plant of Shanghai Shunky to appreciate its former glory and know its specific situation.

Mobile jaw crushing plant greatly expands the field of coarse crushing operation. Its design principle is to stand in customer's position, eliminate the limit of the place and environment, and provide high efficient and low cost hardware facilities for project operating.

Mobile impact crushing plant is a kind of crushing machine using impact energy to crushing materials. When the material enters into the plate hammer area, it is crushed by the high speed impact of plate hammer and thrown to impact device installed on the rotor for crushing again. Then, the material bounces from the impact plate to plate hammer area for crushing again. This process is repeated until the material has the required size and discharged from the low part of the machine. Adjusting the clearance between the impact and rotor can change the particle size and shape of the material.

Screen mobile crushing plant is a kind of high efficient screening equipment, driven by its own way. It has advanced technology and complete function. In any terrain condition, this equipment can reach any position of the place, which reduces the material processing operations. Through the wireless remote control, it can drive the screening machine to the car easily and send it to the working place. With no need for installation, the equipment can be work immediately to the working site. Without electricity and diesel engine to provide powerful momentum, the optimization design can meet the technical characteristic of screening machine with high productivity and uniform granularity of the finished product.
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