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  • Q:Can jaw crusher break ferric oxide?

    A:No, it can crush many kinds of minerals, such as iron ores.

  • Q:What's the capacity of jaw crusher?

    A:The maximum capacity can reach to 800t/h.

  • Q: How long the jaw plant can be used?

    A:According to different materials, limestone for example, one set of jaw plates can be used for 12-15 months.

  • Q:Which one is better for Jaw crusher shell, welding or cast(carbon) steel?

    A:Welding is better. The casting types always have bubbles in the process of cast, which can cause the damage of frame.

  • Q:Can jaw crusher be installed under the mines?

    A:Yes, but it should be equipped with explosion-proof motor.

  • Q:What's the main wear parts of jaw crusher?

    A:The main wearing parts are movable jaw, fixed jaw and cheek plates. Usually, movable jaw can be worn off easily.

  • Q:What is the main raw material of jaw crusher?

    A:Our crusher shell is made of 45# forged steel and the wear parts are of high manganese steel.

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